How to supercharge your growth from the start

The theme of this week’s blogpost is collaboration and how you might view your “competitors”.  The mindset with which you approach your business can significantly affect your business growth.  This week’s blogpost is illustrated by a clownfish and an anemone.  These two sea creatures enjoy a symbiotic relationship; each one benefits from the presence of the other.  The clownfish is uniquely fortunate because it is able to secrete a mucus which protects it from the poisonous sting of the anemone, therefore other predators cannot hunt the clownfish when it is nestled in the fronds of the anemone.  It is safest when entering a potentially dangerous space because it has adapted to turn the situation to its advantage.  Meanwhile, the droppings from these rare visitors represent a source of food for the anemone, so both creatures benefit.

We can learn from their example by collaborating with our clients and business contacts.  What can small business owners learn from this to assist in their marketing activities?  This week my collaborative mindset has led to the following actions, which might be useful to some of my readers:

• Testimonial swap – I have taken time to share testimonials with clients whose services I have used; they have provided me with helpful testimonials too.
• Introduction swap – I have introduced a new client to a relevant provider and I am enjoying building a community of business contacts in Penshurst.  Penshurst Choral Society will henceforth use the services of the Penshurst-based ticket-seller, (a preferable option to Eventbrite).  My contact at has offered to introduce me to a relevant new client.
• Leaflet-swapping – I have identified a fellow Social Mum who has good contacts with a target audience which I am keen to reach on behalf of my non-competing client, Brittens Music.  We have agreed to do a leaflet swap, a thrifty way to reach my desired target.  This is only possible because we share a similar collaborative mindset.  I would urge any of my clients and followers to develop a collaborative mindset from the outset and to understand that sharing is winning.  That’s why I share so much knowledge for free: you must get a collaborative mindset for your business to flourish efficiently.

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