Listen to these top tips on how Twitter can help you generate sales for your business to grow

This week I have reaped rewards from listening and would like to share with you my reasons for valuing social listening so highly. I think that a strong business should listen as attentively as a hare.

Social Listening is the process of monitoring news feeds on social media and it’s important because:

• You can uncover potential sales opportunities and generate new leads

• It enables you to research your target by reading what they say themselves and notice what they don’t say, too. Twitter can be a rich source of research on your chosen topic, once you have identified a pivotal hashtag# to investigate.

• You can use it to identify other potential buyers who are active in your field and looking for your services

• You can build rapport with your target audience by participating in the conversation

Early this week, I noticed a tweet from one of my clients which promoted one of her services. Later in the week, during a face-to face meeting, I mentioned the service which I’d seen promoted on Twitter and she immediately opened up and described the opportunity which she has which stems from increased capacity thanks to upgraded facilities. I believe that she might be receptive to me assisting her with the additional communications activities which will be needed and I would have been unlikely to discover this without the extra insight which I had gained from reading my Twitter feed.

If you would like some further guidance in how to use Twitter for generating sales, please register for a half hour slot from 10am at the next marketing clinic for £15. Register here: or drop me an email for some free advice:  [email protected]