How to get value from your content

You might notice during a period of disruption in business that you have plenty of content on your website or on your shelves. As business begins to recover, it will be important for your productivity to capitalise on the value that lies within your content, and recognise how it can benefit your customers.

Instead of taking time to produce new material, I recommend that you revisit your stock of content. The image of a pearl within an oyster represents something of value that’s currently hidden from view. An oyster does not intend to create a pearl; it is simply a byproduct of its action to protect itself from any irritant which enters its shell. I would like you to reconsider your content in case it contains the potential for a new product to sell. As a reminder of how a product is considered in Marketing, you can read the first section on Product in this blog of mine .

You can revisit your content with these adaptations in mind:

1. Could you recreate a blogpost as a podcast?
2. Do you have enough material to form a printed book or E-book?
3. Public speaking opportunities – Do any of your topics of expertise lend themselves to be given as a short talk to networking groups or as the basis of a seminar or webinar?  If you aspire to improve your speaking skills for events or on film I highly recommend the workshops offered by Aly Harrold.
4. Could you create a short video to add interest to your website?

The method by which you choose to deliver your value to your clients will be driven by how your target audience likes to receive your content. You must select the appropriate packaging for them. An additional bonus from revisiting your archive material is that henceforth, you will be able to offer your clients a variety of formats or products, all of which will contain your pearl of specialist knowledge.