How to promote your brand’s story

Nowadays knowing how to promote your brand’s story should be at the heart of your Marketing Communications activities.

Telling your brand’s story can be an extremely powerful and cost-effective method to promote your business, build awareness of it, and attract the right customers.

There are many opportunities for you to tell your brand’s story, I have shared my guidelines on how best to maximize the impact of your communications in previous blog posts please refer to those here.

This week’s topic is illustrated with a wolf to remind you of the significance of the stories which are told about your business. Wolves have a reputation for being fierce and threatening beasts. These characteristics are projected onto them mostly because of the stories we hear about wolves from our childhood onwards, for example, The Big Bad Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Aesop’s fable, “A sheep in wolf’s clothing”. A wolf is always an aggressor in these tales.

There was some truth at the root of these tales which have been passed on via the oral tradition of story-telling across several centuries. It is true that in Medieval Europe wolves posed a threat to humans: killing livestock and children who were often given the task of tending sheep on early small farms, many adults were killed by wolves which spread fatal rabies. It made sense for these cautionary tales to have been shared about such a dangerous wild animal. However, in modern times humans have dominated the wolf’s habitat the number of wolves has declined. Scientists have studied wolves to reveal insight into their personalities based on observation of their behaviour. It has been shown that wolves are highly co-operative team players in their packs, they form strong family bonds they play a very positive part in the eco-system by preying on large mammals, elks that destroy trees. Their true character is closer to that of the goddess Lupa in Roman mythology a protective mother figure.
You have many opportunities to share your brand’s story, I have summarised in this infographic:

How to promote your brand’s story through your communications:



TEPS 1-4: Are the tactics that you can use to implement your marketing strategy, when you enter the marketplace.
There are strict legal regulations which must be adhered to throughout the promotion and advertising of all businesses you can read the law here. Telling your brand’s story should n’t be confused with telling stories or untruths about what you do. Honesty is a legal requirement of marketing communications and is an important brand value, for most brands to convey.

STEPS 5&6: Your brand values can be shared with your  prospects in every way that they might encounter it. Step 6 reminds you of the wealth of opportunities available for sharing your story.  Spoken Word is a highly impactful and cost-effective method to share news, an option which I recommend to charities and non-profit organisations.