Where should I sell?

The meaning of Place in Marketing

Where should I sell? This question concerns more than the physical location of your business. Place is the final tactic for you to deploy speedily in the series of 4 main P’s in the Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).

Place in Marketing theory is also called Distribution. The quickest way to answer this question, from a Marketing viewpoint, is: You must be wherever your prospects might look for you. In an online world, the answer to “Where should I sell ? is everywhere. I’ve given some tips on how to communicate widely HERE.

Location is not as fixed as you might think, even if you have a physical shop or clinic. Prof. Paul Fifield advises: “the distribution process should be assessed regularly.” (p.224, Marketing Strategy).

In tough times I advise you to work harder to make yourself accessible to your customers. Here are my tips to guide you when you ponder, “Where should I sell? Inspired, by geraniums. A plant which can thrive in any patch in the garden The enormous shift towards online activity In recent years  shown by this ONS data:

It has been fuelled further during the lockdown of 2020  as evidenced by research from Ofcom, its annual Online Nation report has shown that in April 2020 –– the height of the coronavirus lockdown –– adults in the UK spent an average of over fours hours a day online. This is up from just under three and a half hours in September last year, That’s not surprising in the light of the instruction to work from home. You will need to be accessible online for your prospects to find you easily.

Geraniums grow well in all parts of the garden shady and sunny. Your business should aim to be equally versatile. It is a good time to review your digital footprint.

Digital options for you to consider:

  • Twitter
  • Nextdoor and In Your Area apps
  • Offline directories like family grapevine.
  • Would your service benefit from an app development?
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Reviewing your SEO performance

Each of these platforms give you opportunities to be found by your prospects. You can be in the right place at the right time like  you can be accessible everywhere to attract prospects into your sales funnel. SEO is critical for you to be certain that you’re found by anyone who Googles for your service. The start of your customer’s journey be sure that you will deliver the valuable content and information which they need to take them on a smooth journey to  make a purchase.